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About Me

A media executive who has worked with many of the world’s leading B2B and B2C publishers. Throughout my career I have been successfully delivering market leading, ground-breaking products and services while working with media businesses who have been at the forefront of media innovation and transformation over the last decade or so.

I have served in several key management positions at IDG, Incisve (formerly VNU) , Reed and Dennis Publishing. My area of expertise is in building and managed successful digital businesses delivering high quality content propositions to both B2B and B2C  audiences across the technology sector including telecommunications, IT services, semiconductor manufacturing, software and Internet services.

I have considerable experience in:

  • Recruiting, managing and mentoring international digital sales and marketing teams
  • Recruiting, managing and mentoring, online editorial teams
  • Recruiting, managing and mentoring digital design and developer teams
  • Project managing diverse working groups/teams to work collaboratively in consistently delivering high quality products and services to customers.
  • Maintaining a commercial focus,
  • Planning for and delivering revenue growth
  • Planning for and managing profitable business units
  • Developing packages of value to marketers from leading global brands (Fortune 500/Times Top 100 companies)
  • Developing multiple new revenue streams
  • Reinventing and creating successful businesses across multiple territories.
  • Effectively and coherently communicate the strategies and goals to key stakeholders and paying customers.
  • Having developed a firm grasp of the concept-to-realisation process and the stages, actions and skill-sets required to deliver great products and services to paying
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