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For my current consultancy position:

“I have had the pleasure of working with Barry since he relocated to the US West Coast.
Barry helped us to initiate and grow the advertising partnership between Dennis Publishing and Digg.com, which continues to generate significant revenue streams for both businesses …” January, 2012
Alan Lippman, Former VP of Advertising Products, Digg, now at The Washington Post.

“Barry has been working with our business, helping us to better evaluate and exploit the US digital technology advertising market since he relocated there in 2011. We have benefited from his insights and activities, gaining a far better understanding of the opportunity the US holds for us while also achieving substantial revenue growth for the US market.

I would highly recommend him to any business looking to launch and monetise a new product or improve their overall revenue performance …” May 2012
Julian Lloyd-Evans, MD of Advertising, Dennis Publishing Ltd

“We are a fast-growing global business with an aggressive expansion plan in Europe, Asia and the US. We wanted to scope out advertising/revenue opportunities in the US Market for our business … Barry helped us to investigate the appetite for our advertising platform in the US and with his efforts and findings we have not made any hugely costly mistakes with our entry plan into this new market and he continues to help us formulate and implement a clear and more successful long-term strategy for this market …” May 2012
Bas Beerens, Founder, WeTransfer.com

From my days in the UK Media Scene:

Russ Carroll
Business Development Director, PriceGrabber.co.uk (business partner)

“Barry is a senior leader and strategist who speaks with authority on all things Media and Digital related. He has a unique way of cutting through the noise to focus on key commercial goals and the best course of action to achieve them. His no nonsense approach combined with a sharp sense of humour, makes him an absolute pleasure to do business with.” November,, 2010

Alan King

Head of Digital Activation, UniversalMedia London (business partner while Alan headed up the Microsoft account amongst other technology brands in the UK)

“I have had the pleasure of working with Barry at Dennis Publishing and other previous companies on several business levels for almost ten years. He is a smart individual with a broad knowledge of the technology market and the online publishing sector. Barry has always shown a keen interest and deep understanding of digital media. He has worked hard at building an maintaining industry relationship and has always got on well with the people in my teams over the years. It’s also worth adding that he is always enjoyable company on both a professional and personal level.” August, 2011

Guy Sneesby
Formerly Managing Director, Dennis Interactive now MD of AdGenie – UK technology company.

“I recruited Barry when MD of Dennis Interactive to launch a site (ITPRO) which in time has grown to be one of Dennis’s top revenue-generating online properties. Dennis had struggled to get a foothold in the UK IT business market so this was quite an achievement. Barry soon demonstrated the qualities to take on more responsibility and in my time at Dennis grew the entire online technology portfolio into one of the major players in the UK. I now manage my own technology company and still enjoy a professional relationship with Barry working collaboratively on one of the most successful launches in recent Dennis history, KnowYourMobile …” May, 2011

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