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PANACEA can offer the following services and solutions for your business:

  • site/product/services build project management
  • test and research market perception/adoption of pre-launch product and services
  • research/improve existing product and services
  • advise/evaluate business plan
  • advise/evaluate monetisation plan
  • explore/evaluate/implement revenue partnerships
  • explore/evaluate/implement sales strategy both internally and externally
  • Fieldwork on/Take new proposition to market
  • Training/Managing sales operation/teams
  • Managing editorial/content proposition

Who needs these services?

You’re launching a new product or service and need to test, evaluate and iterate before it is ready to take to market ……. Maybe your existing product or service is underperforming, not achieving its revenue potential or financial goals.

You need to {better} monetise your business. You would like to bring in some outside expertise to help you make better decisions and take better actions for your business.

Getting this outside help or perspective can be time consuming and costly, both of which you can’t afford to waste.

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